2022 Publications


  1. An Improved Radio Pointing Model for SHARC II of the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Telescope
    Chen, Weirui, Wang, Zheng, and Zhou, Xiaojun
    2022 PASP 134, 105002 ADS doi


  1. Preliminary design of a superconducting heterodyne array receiver for Leighton Chajnantor Telescope
    Wang, S. Q., Liu, D., Liu, B. L., Yao, M., Cao, D., Liu, F., Shi, W. Z., Shu, C. G., & Shi, S. C.
    2022 Proc. SPIE 12324, 1232404 ADS doi
  2. Robust control of the servo system of Leighton Chajnantor Telescope under high wind speed
    Chen, Weirui and Wang, Zheng
    2022 Proc. SPIE 12187, 121870T ADS doi
  3. Radio Observations of Uranus: Implications for the Structure and Dynamics of the Deep Troposphere
    Hofstadter, Mark, Butler, Bryan, Akins, Alexander, Gurwell, Mark, and Friedson, James
    2022 16th Europlanet Science Congress ADS doi
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