1994 Publications

Journal papers

  1. Vibrationally Excited CS: A New Probe of Conditions in Protostellar Systems
    Walker, C.K., Maloney, P., Serabyn, E.
    1994 ApJL 437, L127 ADS
  2. The Circumstellar Environment of IRAS 05338-0624
    McMullin, J.P., Mundy, L.G., Blake, G.A.
    1994 ApJ 437, 305 ADS
  3. Synthesized Spectra of Turbulent Clouds
    Falgarone, E., Lis, D.C., Phillips, T.G., Pouquet, A., Porter, D.H., Woodward, P.R.
    1994 436, 728 ApJ ADS
  4. Protostellar Accretion Disks Resolved with the JCMT-CSO Interferometer
    Lay, O.P., Carlstrom, J.E., Hills, R.E., Phillips, T.G.
    1994 ApJL 434, L75 ADS
  5. Exotic fluoride molecules in IRC +10216: Confirmation of AlF and searches for MgF and CaF
    Ziurys, L.M., Apponi, A.J., Phillips, T.G.,
    1994 ApJ 433, 729 ADS
  6. Detection of Radio Continuum Emission from Circumstellar Dust Around CRL 2688 and IRC+10216
    G.R. Knapp, P.F. Bowers, K. Young, T.G. Phillips
    1994 ApJL 429, L33 ADS
  7. Molecular Abundances and Low Mass Star Formation I. Si- and S-Bearing Species Towards IRAS 16293-2422
    Blake, G.A., van Dishoeck, E.F., Jansen, D.J., Grosbeck, T.D., Mundy, L.G.
    1994 ApJ 428, 680 ADS
  8. Measurement of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Toward Abell 2163 at a Wavelength of 2.2 Millimeters
    Wilbanks, T.M., Ade, P.A.R., Fischer, M.L., Holzapfel, W.L., Lange, A.E.
    1994 ApJL 427, L75 ADS
  9. Observations of Large-Scale [CI] Emission from S140
    Plume, R., Jaffe, D.T., Keene, J.
    1994 ApJL 425, 49 ADS
  10. The Distribution and Kinematics of Atomic Carbon Near the Galactic Center
    Serabyn, E., Keene, J., Lis, D.C., Phillips, T.G.
    1994 ApJL 424, L95 ADS
  11. The Source of the Relativistic Particles in the Galactic Center Arc
    Serabyn, E., Morris, M.
    1994 ApJL 424, L91 ADS
  12. Structure and Chemistry in the Northwestern Condensation of the Serpens Molecular Cloud Core
    J.P. McMullin, L.G. Mundy, B.A. Wilking, T. Hezel, G.A. Blake
    1994 ApJ 424, 222 ADS
  13. Submillimeter Continuum Survey of the Galactic Center
    Lis, D.C. and Carlstrom, J.E.
    1994 ApJ 424, 189 ADS
  14. Star Formation in the Galactic Center Dust Ridge
    Lis, D.C., Menten, K.M., Serabyn, E.,, Zylka, R.
    1994 ApJL 423, L39 ADS
  15. AFGL 5376: A Strong, Large-Scale Shock Near the Galactic Center
    Uchida, K., Morris, M., Serabyn, E. and Bally, J.
    1994 ApJ 421, 505 ADS
  16. The Molecular Emission Line Spectrum of IRC +10216 Between 330 and 358 GHz
    Groesbeck, T.D., Phillips, T.G., Blake, G.A., 1994 ApJS 94, 147 ADS
  17. The Circumstellar Environment of the FU Orionis Pre-Outburst Candidate V1331 Cygni
    McMuldroch, S., Sargent, A.I., Blake, G.A.
    1993 AJ 106, 6 ADS
  18. The Active Source in the Region of the Herbig Star BD+40°4124
    Palla, F., Testi, L., Hunter, R.R., Taylor, G.B., Prusti, T., Felli, M., Natta, A., Stanga, R.M.
    1994 A&A 293, 521 ADS
  19. Water Masers Embedded in Ultracompact HII Regions: The W75N Cloud Core
    Hunter, T., Taylor, G.B., Felli, M., Tofani, G.
    1994 A&A 284, 215 ADS
  20. Physical and Chemical Variations Within the W3 Star-Forming Regions I. SO2, CH3 OH and H2CO
    Helmich, F.P., Jansen, D.J., de Graauw, Th., Groesbeck, T.D., van Dishoeck, E.F.
    1994 A&A 283, 626 ADS
  21. A Submillimeter Recombination Line Maser in MWC 349
    Thum, C., Matthews, H.E., Martin-Pintado, J., Serabyn, E., Planesas, P. and Bachiller, R.
    1994 A&A 283, 582 ADS
  22. Physical and Chemical Structure of the IC 63 Nebula I. Millimeter and Far-Infrared Observations
    D.J. Jansen, E.F. van Dishoeck, J.H. Black
    1994 A&A 282, 605 ADS
  23. Detection of the 267 GHz J = 1-0 Rotational Transition of PH3 in Saturn with a New Fourier Transform Spectrometer
    Weisstein, E.W., Serabyn, E.
    1994 Icarus 109, 367 ADS
  24. Design, Construction and Performance of the Leighton 10.4 Meter Diameter Radio Telescopes
    D. Woody, D. Vail, W. Schaal
    1994 Proc. IEEE 82, 673 ADS DOI
  25. A Medium Resolution Ground-Based Submillimeter Spectrometer
    Maffei, B.; Pajot, F.; Phillips, T. G.; Benford, D.; Caux, E.; Gispert, R.; Halverson, N.; Hunter, T.; Jegoudez, G.; Josse, M.; Lamarre, J. M.; Lepeltier, J. P.; Moseley, H.; Origné, A.; Petuchowsky, S.; Rabottin, M.; Renault, J. C.; Rioux, C.; Serabyn, G.; Wang, N.
    1994 Infr. Phys. Tech. 35, 321 ADS
  26. 180–425 GHz low noise SIS waveguide receivers employing tuned Nb/AIOx/Nb tunnel junctions
    J. W. Kooi, M. Chan, B. Bumble, H. G. LeDuc, P. L. Schaffer and T. G. Phillips
    1994 IJIRMMW 15, 783 ADS
  27. A Low Noise 665 GHz SIS Quasi-Particle Waveguide Receiver
    J.W. Kooi, C.K. Walker, H.G. LeDuc, T.R. Hunter, D.J. Benford, T.G. Phillips
    1994 IJIRMMW 15, 477 ADS
  28. Two-Junction Tuning Circuits for Submillimeter SIS Mixers
    Zmuidzinas, J., LeDuc, H.G, Stern, J.A., Cypher, S.R.
    1994 IEEE Trans. MTT 42, 698 ADS

Conference proceedings

  1. Developments in Submillimeter Wave Astronomy
    Phillips, T. G.
    1994 Proc. 19th Int. Conf. Infrared and Millimeter Waves
  2. Bar Induced Non-Circular Molecular Gas Motions in M82
    Quillen, Alice C.; Walker, Connie; Phillips, Thomas G.
    in Mass-Transfer Induced Activity in Galaxies, ed. Isaac Shlosman
    1994, p. 179 (Cambridge) ADS
  3. IF Fiber Optics and Digital Correlating Spectrometer on the JCMT-CSO Interferometer
    Lay, O. P.; Hills, R. E.; Carlstrom, J.
    in Astronomy with Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Interferometry, ed. M. Ishiguro, W. J. Welch
    1994 IAUC 140 [ASPCS 59], 117 ADS
  4. Millimeter and Submillimeter Receivers
    Phillips, T. G.
    in Astronomy with Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Interferometry, ed. M. Ishiguro, W. J. Welch
    1994 IAUC 140 [ASPCS 59], 68 ADS
  5. The CSO-JCMT Submillimeter Interferometer
    Carlstrom, J.E., Phillips, T.G., Hills, R.E., Lay, O.P., Force, B., Hall C.G., and Schinckel, A.E.
    in Astronomy with Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Interferometry, ed. M. Ishiguro, W. J. Welch
    1994 IAUC 140 [ASPCS 59], 35 ADS
  6. A Monolithic Si Bolometer Array for the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory
    Wang, N., Hunter, T.R., Benford, D.J., Serabyn, E., Phillips, T.G., Moseley, S. H.
    1994 Proc. SPIE 2198, 749 ADS
  7. Terahertz Source Requirements for Astrophysics Receivers
    Phillips, T. G.
    1994 Proc. SPIE 2145, 230 ADS
  8. Measurements of Noise in Josephson-Effect Mixers
    R.J. Schoelkopf, J. Zmuidzinas, T.G. Phillips
    1994 Proc. Fifth Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 264 ADS
  9. A Low Noise 565-735 GHz SIS Waveguide Receiver
    Kooi, J. W.; Walker, C. K.; Leduc, H. G.; Schaffer, P. L.; Phillips, T. G.
    1994 Proc. Fifth Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 126 ADS
  10. 180-425 GHz Low Noise SIS Waveguide Receivers Employing Tuned Nb/AlOx/Tunnel Junctions
    Kooi, J. W.; Chan, M.; Bumble, B.; Leduc, H. G.; Schaffer, P. L.; Phillips, T. G.
    1994 Proc. Fifth Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 38 ADS
  11. Neptune: CO and HCN Distributions From Observations at the CSO
    Spilker, T. R.; Gulkis, S.; Salez, M.; Encrenaz, T.
    1994 BAAS 26, 1553 ADS
  12. Submillimeter CO Maps of a Bipolar Outflow from the Ultracompact HII Region G45.12+0.13
    Hunter, T. R.; Phillips, T. G.; Menten, K. M.
    1994 AAS 185, 122.07 ADS
  13. Emission line survey of Orion from 600-720 GHz
    Benford, D. J.; Schilke, P.; Hunter, T. R.; Serabyn, E.; Phillips, T. G.
    1994 AAS 185, 81.04 ADS


  1. Studies of noise in Josephson-effect mixers and their potential for submillimeter heterodyne detection
    Schoelkopf, R. J.
    1994 PhD Thesis, California Institute of Technology Caltech Library
  2. The circumstellar environments of FU Orionis stars
    McMuldroch, S.
    1994 PhD Thesis, California Institute of Technology ADS Caltech Library

Other publications

  1. A Multi-Wavelength Exploration of the Nearby Starburst Galaxy Maffei 2
    Hurt, Robert L.
    1994 PASP 106, 549 ADS
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