2016 Publications


  1. Submillimeter Atmospheric Transparency at Maunakea, at the South Pole, and at Chajnantor
    Radford, S. J. E., & Peterson, J. B.
    2016 PASP in press ADS
  2. Peculiar Velocity Constraints from Five-Band SZ Effect Measurements Towards RX J1347.5-1145 with MUSIC and Bolocam from the CSO
    Sayers, J., Zemcov, M., Glenn, J., Golwala, S. R., Maloney, P. R., Siegel, S. R., Wheeler, J., Bockstiegel, C., Brugger, S., Czakon, N. G., Day, P. K., Downes, T. P., Duan, R. P., Gao, J., Hollister, M. I., Lam, A., LeDuc, H. G., Mazin, B. A., McHugh, S. G., Miller, D. A., Mroczkowski, T. K., Noroozian, O., Nguyen, H. T., Radford, S. J. E., James A. Schlaerth, J. A., Vayonakis, A., Wilson, P. R., & Zmuidzinas, J.
    2016 ApJ 820, 101 ADS doi
  3. What Is Controlling the Fragmentation in the Infrared Dark Cloud G14.225-0.506?: Different Levels of Fragmentation in Twin Hubs
    Busquet, Gemma; Estalella, Robert; Palau, Aina; Liu, Hauyu Baobab; Zhang, Qizhou; Miquel Girart, Josep; de Gregorio-Monsalvo, Itziar; Pillai, Thushara; Anglada, Guillem; Ho, Paul T. P.
    2016 ApJ 819, 139 ADS doi
  4. Water abundance in four of the brightest water sources in the southern sky
    Bing-Ru Wang, Lei Qian, Di Li, and Zhi-Chen Pan
    2016 Res. Astron. Astrophys. 16, 3, 3 ADS doi


  1. A Multiwavelength Study of the Intracluster Medium and the Characterization of the Multiwavelength Sub/millimeter Inductance Camera
    Siegel, Seth Robert
    2015 PhD Thesis, California Institute of Technology Caltech Library


  1. Evidence for Expulsion of the Star Formation Gas Reservoir by the AGN in Local Blue Ellipticals
    Schwamb, Megan E.; Lintott, Chris; Smethurst, Rebecca; Kruk, Sandor; Matsushita, Satoki; Wong, Ivy; Wang, Shiang-Yu
    2016 AAS 227, 209.03 ADS
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