2014 Publications


  1. The Star-formation Relation for Regions in the Galactic Plane: The Effect of Spatial Resolution
    Vutisalchavakul, Nalin; Evans, Neal J., II; Battersby, Cara
    2014 ApJ 797, 77 ADS doi
  2. Testing Magnetic Field Models for the Class 0 Protostar L1527
    Davidson, J. A.; Li, Z.-Y.; Hull, C. L. H.; Plambeck, R. L.; Kwon, W.; Crutcher, R. M.; Looney, L. W.; Novak, G.; Chapman, N. L.; Matthews, B. C.; Stephens, I. W.; Tobin, J. J.; Jones, T. J.
    2014 ApJ 797, 74 ADS doi
  3. Massive Quiescent Cores in Orion: V. The Physical Structures on Sub-Jeans Scale and the Chemical Properties in Two Extremely Dense Cores
    Ren, Zhiyuan; Li, Di; Chapman, Nicholas
    2014 ApJ 788, 172 ADS doi
  4. Detailed Molecular Observations Toward the Double Helix Nebula
    Torii, K.; Enokiya, R.; Morris, M. R.; Hasegawa, K.; Kudo, N.; Fukui, Y.
    2014 ApJS 213, 8 ADS doi
  5. A CSO Search for l-C3H+: Detection in the Orion Bar PDR
    Brett A. McGuire, P. Brandon Carroll, James L. Sanders III, Susanna L. Widicus Weaver, Geoffrey A. Blake, Anthony J. Remijan
    2014 MNRAS 442, 2901 ADS doi
  6. An 8 hour characteristic time-scale in submillimetre light curves of Sagittarius A*
    Dexter, Jason; Kelly, Brandon; Bower, Geoffrey C.; Marrone, Daniel P.; Stone, Jordan; Plambeck, Richard; Doeleman, Sheperd S.
    2014 MNRAS 442, 2797 ADS doi
  7. 350 μm map of the Ophiuchus molecular cloud: core mass function
    Guoyin Zhang, Di Li, Ashley K. Hyde, Lei Qian, Hualei Lyu, Zhongzu Wu
    2014 Science China: Physics Mechanics & Astronomy ADS doi
  8. Performance of the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Dual-Color 180-720 GHz Balanced SIS Receivers
    Kooi, J. W.; Chamberlin, R. A.; Monje, R.; Kovacs, A.; Rice, F.; Yoshida, H.; Force, B.; Cooper, K.; Miller, D.; Gould, M.; Lis, D.; Bumble, B.; LeDuc, R.; Stern, J. A.; Phillips, T. G.
    2014 IEEE Trans. THz Sci. Tech. 4, 149 ADS doi


  1. Detection, Identification, and Correlation of Complex Organic Molecules in 32 Interstellar Clouds Using Submm Observations
    Nadine Wehres, Shiya Wang, Mary Radhuber, James Sanders, Jay A. Kroll, Jacob Laas, Brian Hayes, Trevor Cross, D. C. Lis, Eric Herbst, Susanna L. Widicus Weaver
    2014 69th Int. Symp. Molecular Spectroscopy, P122 pdf
  2. The Search for l-C3H+ (B11244) in More Than 40 Astronomical Sources
    Brett A. McGuire, P. Brandon Carroll, James Sanders, Susanna L. Widicus Weaver, Geoffrey Blake, Anthony Remijan
    2014 69th Int. Symp. Molecular Spectroscopy, P48 pdf


  1. Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution Since z~2: Results from Multiwavelength Surveys
    Brisbin, Drew
    2014 PhD Thesis, Cornell University ADS Cornell Library
  2. Development of the 2nd generation z (redshift) and early universe spectrometer & the study of far-ir fine structure emission in high-z galaxies
    Ferkinhoff, Carl
    2014 PhD Thesis, Cornell University ADS Cornell Library
  3. Study of galactic clumps with millimeter / submillimeter continuum and molecular emission : early stages of massive star formation
    Merello Ferrada, Manuel Antonio
    2014 PhD Thesis, University of Texas UT Library
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