1998 Publications

Journal papers

  1. Atomic Carbon in ARP 220
    Gerin, Maryvonne; Phillips, Thomas G.
    1998 ApJL 509, L17 ADS
  2. 350 Micron Continuum Imaging of the Orion A Molecular Cloud with SHARC
    Lis, D.C., Serabyn, E., Keene, J., Dowell, C.D., Benford, D.J., Phillips, T.G., Hunter, T.R., Wang, N.
    1998 ApJ 509, 299 ADS
  3. Expansion of W3(OH)
    Kawamura, J., Masson, C.
    1998 ApJ 509, 270 ADS
  4. Infrared Space Observatory Long Wavelength Spectrometer Observations of a Cold Giant Molecular Cloud Core near the Galactic Center
    Lis, D. C.; Menten, Karl M.
    1998 ApJ 507, 794 ADS
  5. Statistical Properties of Line Centroid Velocity Increments in the ρ Ophiuchi Cloud
    Lis, D.C., Keene, J., Li, Y., Phillips, T.G., Pety, J.
    1998 ApJ 504, 889 ADS
  6. Envelope Structure on 700 AU Scales and the Molecular Outflows of Low-Mass Young Stellar Objects
    Hogerheijde, M. R., van Dishoeck, E. F., Blake, G. A., van Langevelde, H. J.
    1998 ApJ 502, 315 ADS
  7. CO, CI, and CII Observations of NGC 7023
    M. Gerin, T. G. Phillips, J. Keene, A. L. Betz, R. T. Boreiko
    1998 ApJ 500, 329 ADS
  8. Detection of the 3P23P1 Submillimeter Transition of 13CI in the Interstellar Medium: Implication for Chemical Fractionation
    J. Keene, P. Schilke, J. Kooi, D. C. Lis, D. M. Mehringer, T. G. Phillips
    1998 ApJ 494, L107 ADS
  9. G34.24+0.13MM: A Deeply Embedded Proto-B-Star
    Hunter, T. R.; Neugebauer, G.; Benford, D. J.; Matthews, K.; Lis, D. C.; Serabyn, E.; Phillips, T. G.
    1998 ApJ 493, L97 ADS
  10. Multiple Molecular Winds in Evolved Stars. I. A Survey of CO (2-1) and CO (3-2) Emission from 45 Nearby AGB Stars
    Knapp, G. R.; Young, K.; Lee, E.; Jorissen, A.
    1998 ApJS 117, 209 ADS
  11. Deuterated Water in Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) and its Implications for the Origin of Comets
    Bockelèe-Morvan, Gautier, D., Lis, D.C., Young, K., Keene, J., Phillips, T.G., Owen, T., Crovisier, J., Goldsmith, P.F., Bergin, E.A., Despois, D., Wooten, A.
    1998 Icarus 133, 147 ADS
  12. Noise Equivalent Power of Background Limited Thermal Detectors at Submillimeter Wavelengths
    D. J. Benford, T. R. Hunter, T. G. Phillips
    1998 IJIRMMW 19, 931 ADS DOI
  13. Low-Loss NbTiN Films for THz SIS Mixer Tuning Circuits
    Kooi, J. W.; Stern, J. A.; Chattopadhyay, G.; Leduc, H. G.; Bumble, B.; Zmuidzinas, J.
    1998 IJIRMMW 19, 373 DOI
  14. Submillimeter Fourier-Transform Spectrometer Measurements of Atmospheric Opacity Above Mauna Kea
    Serabyn, E.; Weisstein, E. W.; Lis, D. C.; Pardo, J. R.
    1998 Ap. Opt. 37, 2185 ADS
  15. A 850 GHz Waveguide Receiver Employing a SIS Junction Fabricated on a 1 µm Si3N4 Membrane
    Kooi, J.W., Schaffer, P.L., Phillips, T.G., Bumble, B., LeDuc, H.G., Walker, C.K.
    1998 IEEE Trans. MTT 46, 151 ADS
  16. A Dual Polarized Slot Antenna For Millimeter Waves
    Chattopadhyay, G., Zmuidzinas, J.
    1998 IEEE Trans. Ant. Prop. 46, 736 ADS
  17. A 96 GHz Ortho-Mode Transducer For the Polatron
    Chattopadhyay, G., Philhour, B., Carlstom, J., Church, S.., Zmuidzinas, J.
    1998 IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters 8, 421 DOI

Conference proceedings

  1. Measurement, Modeling, and Adjustment of the 10.4 m Diameter Leighton Telescopes
    D. Woody, E. Serabyn, A. Schinckel
    1998 Proc. SPIE 3357, 474 ADS
  2. WASP: wideband spectrometer for heterodyne spectroscopy
    Harris, Andrew I.; Isaak, K. G.; Zmuidzinas, Jonas
    1998 Proc. SPIE 3357, 384 ADS
  3. Submillimeter Fourier transform spectroscopy
    Serabyn, Eugene
    1998 Proc. SPIE 3357, 376 ADS
  4. Bolocam: a millimeter-wave bolometric camera
    Glenn, Jason; Bock, James J.; Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Edgington, Samantha F.; Lange, Andrew E.; Zmuidzinas, Jonas; Mauskopf, Phil D.; Rownd, Brooks; Yuen, Lunming; Ade, Peter A.
    1998 Proc. SPIE 3357, 326 ADS
  5. Development of a broadband submillimeter grating spectrometer
    Benford, D. J.; Serabyn, E.; Phillips, T. G.; Moseley, S. H.
    1998 Proc. SPIE 3357, 278 ADS
  6. CSO-JCMT Interferometer and 183-GHz radiometric phase correction
    Lay, Oliver P.; Wiedner, Martina C.; Carlstrom, John E.; Hills, Richard E.
    1998 Proc. SPIE 3357, 254 ADS
  7. Development of SIS mixers for 1 THz
    Zmuidzinas, Jonas; Kooi, Jacob W.; Kawamura, Jonathan; Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Bumble, Bruce; Leduc, Henry G.; Stern, Jeff A.
    1998 Proc. SPIE 3357, 53 ADS
  8. Heterodyne instrumentation at the CSO
    Kooi, Jacob W.; Schaffer, P. L.; Bumble, Bruce; Leduc, Rick; Phillips, Thomas G.
    1998 Proc. SPIE 3357, 22 ADS
  9. Spectroscopic Measurements of Optical Components Around 1 Terahertz
    Benford, Dominic J.; Kooi, Jacob W.; Serabyn, E.
    1998 Proc. Ninth Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 405 ADS
  10. Low-Loss NbTiN Films for THz SIS Mixer Tuning Circuits
    Kooi, J. W.; Stern, J. A.; Chattopadhyay, G.; Leduc, H. G.; Bumble, B.; Zmuidzinas, J.
    1998 Proc. Ninth Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 283 ADS
  11. New Atomic Carbon Detections in post-AGB stars
    Crosas, M.; Young, K.; Ivezic, Z.; Knapp, G. R.
    1998 IAUS 191, 403 ADS
  12. Long-term Monitoring of the Outgassing of Comet C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp) at Radio Wavelengths
    Biver, N.; Winnberg, A.; Bockelee-Morvan, D.; Colom, P.; Crovisier, J.; Gerard, E.; Germain, B.; Lellouch, E.; Moreno, R.; Davies, J. K.; Dent, W. R. F.; Paubert, G.; Wink, J.; Despois, D.; Lis, D. C.; Mehringer, D.; Benford, D.; Gardner, M.; Phillips, T. G.; Gunnarsson, M.; Rickman, H.; Bergman, P.; Johansson, L. E. B.; Rauer, H.
    1998 AAS DPS 30, 55P.19 ADS
  13. Unwinding the Helix
    Huggins, P. J.; Young, K.; Cox, P.; Forveille, T.; Bachiller, R.
    1998 AAS 193, 15.08 ADS
  14. Submillimeter Spectroscopy of Hydride Molecules
    Phillips, T. G.
    1998 AAS 192, 62.01 ADS
  15. Thermal Nature of the Far Infrared Emission in High Redshift Quasars
    Benford, D. J.; Cox, P.; Omont, A.; Phillips, T. G.
    1998 AAS 192, 11.04 ADS
  16. Submillimeter Continuum Imaging of the Orion A Molecular Cloud with SHARC
    Lis, D. C.; Serabyn, E.; Keene, J. B.; Dowell, C. D.; Benford, D. J.; Phillips, T. G.; Wang, N.; Hunter, T. R.
    1998 AAS 192, 10.11 ADS
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