1993 Publications

Journal papers

  1. The Kinematics of the Molecular Gas in M82
    Quillen, A.C., Walker, C.E., Phillips, T.G.,
    1993 ApJ ??
  2. A Study of Solar Prominences Near λ = 1 Millimeter
    Bastian, T.S., Ewell, M.W., Zirin, H.,
    1993 ApJ 418, 510 ADS
  3. Atomic Carbon in M82
    Schilke, P., Carlstrom, J.E., Keene, J., Phillips, T.G.,
    1993 ApJL 417, L67 ADS
  4. Detection of the Interstellar NH2 Radical
    van Dishoeck, E., Jansen, D.J., Schilke, P., Phillips, T.G.,
    1993 ApJL 416, L83 ADS
  5. Discovery of Interstellar Water Lines at 437, 439, and 471 GHz - Strong Case for Water Maser Formation Behind C-Type Shocks
    Melnick, G.J., Menten, K.M., Phillips, T.G. and Hunter T.
    1993 ApJL 416, L37 ADS
  6. Atomic Carbon in the Envelope of IRC+10216
    Keene, J., Young, K., Phillips, T.G., Büttgenbach, T.H., Carlstrom, J.,
    1993 ApJ 415, L131 ADS
  7. The Detection of [CI] in Molecular Outflows Associated with Young Stellar Objects
    Walker, C.K., Narayanan, G., Büttgenbach, T.H., Carlstrom, J.E., Keene, J., Phillips, T.G.
    1993 ApJ, 415, 672 ADS
  8. The Center-To-Limb Brightness Variation of the sun at λ=850 Microns
    Bastian, T.S., Ewell, M.W., Zirin, H.,
    1993 ApJ 415, 364 ADS
  9. Fragmentation and Kinematic of the W49N Cloud Core
    Serabyn, E., Güsten, R., Schulz, A.,
    1993 ApJ, 413, 571 ADS
  10. The Warped Disk of Centaurus A in the Near Infrared
    Quillen, A.C., Graham, J.R., Frogel, J.A.,
    1993 ApJ, 412, 550 ADS
  11. Circumstellar Shells Resolved in IRAS Survey Data. II - Analysis
    K. Young, T.G. Phillips, G.R. Knapp
    1993 ApJ 409, 725 ADS
  12. The Spectrum and Variability of Radio Emission from AE AquarII
    Abada-Simon, M., Lecacheux, A., Bastian, T.S., Bookbinder, J.A., Dulk, G.A.,
    1993 ApJ 406, 692 ADS
  13. Warm molecular gas in a starburst: CO (3-2) observations of Maffei 2
    Hurt, Robert L.; Turner, Jean L.; Ho, Paul T. P.; Martin, Robert N.
    1993 ApJ 404, 602 ADS
  14. PIG (Partially Ionized Globule) Anatomy: Density and Temperature Structure of the Bright-Rimmed Globule IC1396E
    Serabyn, E., Güsten, R., Mundy, L.
    1993 ApJ 404, 247 ADS
  15. Submillimeter Observations of the 11 July 1991 Total Solar Eclipse
    Ewell, Jr., M.W., Zirin, H., Jensen, J.B., and Bastian, T.S.
    1993 ApJ, 403, 426 ADS
  16. The Morphology of a Bright Rim in NGC 2264: Early Stages of High Mass Star Formation
    Tauber, J.A., Lis, D.C. and Goldsmith, P.R.
    1993 ApJ, 403, 202 ADS
  17. The IRAS 16293-2422 Cloud Core: A Study of a Young Binary System
    Walker, C.K., Carlstrom, J.E. and Bieging, J.
    1993 ApJ 402, 655 ADS
  18. First Measurements of Extragalactic CO(4-3)
    Güsten, R., Serabyn, E., Kasemann, C., Schinckel, A., Schneider, G., Schulz, A. and Young, K.
    1993 ApJ 402, 537 ADS
  19. Millimeter-Wavelength Aperture Synthesis Observations of Massive Star-Forming Regions in Sagitarius B2
    Lis, D.C., Goldsmith, P.F., Carlstrom, J.E. and Scoville, N.Z.
    1993 ApJ, 402 238 ADS
  20. Circumstellar Shells Resolved in IRAS Survey Data. I - Data processing procedure, results, and confidence tests
    K. Young, T.G. Phillips, G.R. Knapp
    1993 ApJS 86, 517 ADS
  21. IRAS 21391+5802: A Study in Intermediate Mass Star Formation
    Wilking, B.A., Mundy, L.G., McMullin, J., Hezel, T., Keene, J.
    1993 AJ 106, 250 ADS
  22. Main-beam efficiency measurements of the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory
    Mangum, Jeffrey G.
    1993 PASP 105, 117 ADS
  23. The Starburst Properties of M82, M83 and IC 342
    Walker, C. E.; Bash, F. N.; Martin, R. N.; Phillips, T. G.
    1993 RevMexAA 27, 203 ADS
  24. Submillimeter Observations of the Shocked Molecular Gas Associated with the Supernova Remnant IC 443
    van Dishoeck, E.F., Jansen, D.J. and Phillips, T.G.
    1993 A&A 279, 541 ADS
  25. First Detection of CS(10-9) in Galactic Star Forming Cores
    Hauschildt, H., Güsten, R., Phillips, T.g. Schilke, P., Serabyn, E., Walker, C.K.
    1993 A&A 273, L23 ADS
  26. An Improved Solution for Integrated Array Optics in Quasi-Optical MM and Submm Receivers: The Hybrid Antenna
    Büttgenbach, T.H.
    1993 IEEE Trans. MTT 41, 10 ADS
  27. A 100 GHz Josephson Mixer Using Resistively-Shunted Nb Tunnel Junction
    Schoelkopf, R.J., Phillips, T.G., and Zmuidzinas, J.
    1993 IEEE Trans. Applied Superconductivity 3, 2250 ADS

Conference proceedings

  1. The Chemical Evolution of Protostellar and Protoplanetary Matter
    van Dishoeck, E.F., Blake, G.A., Draine, B.T., Lunine, J.I.
    in Protostars and Planets III, ed. E. H. Levy, J. I. Lunine
    1993, p. 163 (Arizona)ADS
  2. Morphology of the Dust Emission and High-Mass Star Formation in the Galactic Center
    Lis, D. C.; Carlstrom, J. E.
    in Sky Surveys: Protostars to Protogalaxies, ed. B. T. Soifer
    1993 ASPC 43, 55 ADS
  3. Submillimeter HCN and HCO+ Emission from Galaxies
    Jackson, J.M., Paglione, T.A., Carlstrom, J.E., and Rieu, N.-Q
    in Star Formation, Galaxies and the Interstellar Medium, ed. J. Franco, F. Ferrini, G. Tenorio-Tagle
    1993 Proc. 4th EIPC Astrophysical Workshop (Cambridge) ADS
  4. Dust Emission in the Galactic Center
    Lis, D.C. and Carlstrom, J.E.
    in Back to the Galaxy, ed. F. Verler
    1993 AIPCP 278, 52 ADS
  5. Josephson-Effect Mixers using Shunted Nb and NbN Tunnel Junctions
    Schoelkopf, R. J.; Phillips, T. G.; Zmuidzinas, J.; Stern, J. A.
    1993 Proc. Fourth Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 442 ADS
  6. The Bipolar Outflow of AFGL 5142
    Hunter, T. R.; Taylor, G. B.; Phillips, T. G.; Felli, M.; Tofani, G.
    1993 AAS 183, 58.02 ADS
  7. Submillimeter Observations of Neutral Carbon in M51 Benford, D. J.; Hunter, T. R.; Keene, J. B.; Lis, D. C.; Phillips, T. G.; Serabyn, E.
    1993 AAS 183, 19.02 ADS
  8. Discovery of interstellar water masers at 437, 439, and 471 GHz
    Melnick, G. J.; Menten, K. M.; Phillips, T. G.
    1993 BAAS 182, 75.06 ADS
  9. Linked Submillimeter Interferometry with the CSO and JCMT
    Carlstrom, John E.; Lay, Oliver P.; Hills, Richard E.
    1993 AAS 182, 39.10 ADS
  10. Water Masers Embedded in Ultracompact HII Regions in the W75N Cloud Core
    Hunter, T. R.; Taylor, G. B.; Phillips, T. G.; Felli, M.; Tofani, G.
    1993 AAS 182, 37.01 ADS
  11. Metal Fluoride Molecules in IRC+10216
    Ziurys, L. M.; Allen, M. D.; Apponi, A. J.; Anderson, M. A.; Phillips, T. G.
    182, 08.19 ADS


  1. Submillimeter and infrared studies of mass lost by asymptotic giant branch stars
    Young, K. H.
    1993 PhD Thesis, California Institute of Technology ADS Caltech Library
  2. The kinematics of molecular gas and dust in the nearby galaxies Centaurus A and M82
    Quillen, A. C.
    1993 Ph. D. Thesis, California Institute of Technology ADS Caltech Library
  3. A multi-wavelength exploration of the nearby starburst galaxy Maffei 2
    Hurt, Robert Lewis
    1993 Ph. D. Thesis, University of California, Los Angeles ADS
  4. Quasi-optical SIS receivers and astrophysical observations at submillimeter wavelengths
    Büttgenbach, T. H.
    1993 PhD Thesis, California Institute of Technology ADS Caltech Library
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