This is a collection of information that has been useful in the past. Follow the links for more details.

  • Shutter won't respond? Reset the controller.
  • DSOS problems? See troubleshooting tips.
  • Telescope problems?
    • SECONDARY MIRROR CONTROLLER ERROR on the telescope status monitor? This may indicate the focus controller is confused. Try
      UIP> antenna /restart
    • Multiple difficulties at the same time? Scans won't start, the telescope doesn't move, the spectrometer is hung up, scans stop in the middle of integration, etc. Try
      UIP> antenna /restart
      UIP> antenna /restart /nosync
      Do not press the reset button or power cycle the antenna computer unless you are certain a hard reset (powercycle) is needed. Further information here or here.
    • Tlength large? This is the angular distance between the dome and the telescope. It is small during normal operation so any significant value indicates a fault. A misalignment of 0.1° corresponds to tlength about 0.075. If tlength is positive, the telescope azimuth is smaller than the dome azimuth. The control system stops the telescope if tlength exceeds about 0.250.
  • Heterodyne receiver problems? See troubleshooting tips.
  • For SHARC II, don't specify a fixed focus (or X, Y, or theta) position. Instead use a focus offset with constant updates:
    UIP> focus /constant
    UIP> instrument sharc2
    UIP> focus /offset NNN
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