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In its present configuration, the MUltiwavelength Sub/millimeter Inductance Camera (MUSIC) has an 12×6 arcmin field of view, three simultaneous colors, and 175 operational detectors.


Band Wavel. Freq. Bandw. Beam Lissajous HPF Lis. Raster HPF Rast. HPF
mm GHz GHz arcsec mJy beam-1 hr0.5
0 2.11 142 23 45 14 17 30 36 20%
1 1.41 212 30 35 17 20 35 40 15%
2 1.1   272 19 30 30 35 65 75 15%
  • With Lissajous scans, the minimum map size is approximately 8 arcmin in diameter (the coverage is reasonably uniform within this region). For equal sensitivity in maps, observing time is roughly proportional to map area.
  • With raster scans, the sensitivity is roughly constant for maps up to 30×6 arcmin. For equal sensitivity in maps that are larger in either dimension, observing time is approximately proportional to map area.
  • Time includes observing overheads and IQ sweeps, but not flux calibration.
  • High pass filtering is used to reduce low frequency noise, including atmospheric contribution. This filtering also reduces the signal strength and the effective sensitivity. These loss values are appropriate for point sources.
  • Band 3 (0.86 mm) is not available because of instrument problems. We are endeavoring to make it available in the future.


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