Hand Off to Another Observer

If you are remote observing and someone else is taking over:

  1. Contact the next observers to verify they are ready to observe.
  2. Save the observing log.
  3. Verify the new observers have control of the telescope and the transition went smoothly.
  4. Disconnect from the vnc desktops.

After observing

  1. Close the shutter, stow the telescope, etc., following these instructions.
    • When remote observing, close the shutter before sunrise.
  2. Stop the secondary wobbler.
    • In the UIP xterm,
      uip> secondary /stop
  3. Stop the slicer: ctrl-C, then exit IDL.
  4. Stop data acquisition. In the Z-spec desktop, in the wakea xterm,
    wakea$ zspec_shutdown
  5. Start a new fridge cycle.
  6. Stow the telescope,
    UIP> stow
    • If necessary, idle the telescope
      UIP> idle
  7. Disconnect from the vnc desktops.
  8. At the telescope, follow the instructions and leave the computers ready and the control room tidy for the next observers.
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